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Dear Creative Genius,

I have to ask… where did it all go wrong?  You began with such a fire in your heart to see your vision come to light… and now your light isn’t just dim, it’s angry, dark, and ashamed.

You’ve invested a fortune in personal and professional development to prepare for your grand vision, and yet you still find yourself in the same place financially year after year.
I see your frustration as you submit to the grind, and sense that you’re no longer your enthusiastic self.
I can tell by your dark circles and puffy face that you aren’t sleeping well, nor eating right. Somehow you submitted to losing yourself at the expense of attaining “success” in your business.
I know you are fearful that your money struggles will never end… and you feel like a total fraud.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way! Starting your business was supposed to lead to spending more time with the people you love, doing what you love... but instead you’re stressed to the max with your financial struggles.
The TRUTH that we live in an abundant universe and EVERYTHING is available to you!
And that is what you will know deep in your soul as you immerse yourself in your Money Flow Breakthrough.
Trust me, you don’t want to continue to force your way to millions if it will cost you your health or family… let’s fix this NOW so you can easily earn the money you deserve, without the pain and suffering that I’ve been through.



  • Waking up with focused enthusiasm as you fearlessly pursue your grandest vision.
  • Leaving behind anxiety around money, for good, as new channels of wealth flow into your life effortlessly.
  • Exponentially grow your income with ease and grace without sacrificing anything at all. In fact you’ll feel MORE energy in your mind, body and spirit.
  • Having MORE free time and making MORE money - for real!
  • No longer feeling the shame and guilt of self sabotage and procrastination but instead making strides in your business every day and celebrating your wins.
  • Being booked out with clients, having money flowing in, happily doing your most fulfilling work.
  • Achieving huge momentum in your business, you feel unstoppable, you can overcome any setback with ease - you are bulletproof!
  • Doing more of what gives you joy -  travel, great food, more time with loved ones, healthy movement, creativity.
  • Being generous with yourself and everyone around you without concern that your money is going to run out.
  • Having a deep sense of trust that you are supported fully in your vision.
  • Finally you can breath again with a deep sense of trust that money IS an unlimited resource and always there for you.
  • Your self confidence and self esteem is through the roof.
  • When someone asks how’s business going, you beam with pride and excitedly sharing about your growth!


Through my unique hypnotic immersion process, all limiting self beliefs that were imprinted into you from this warped world will dissolve and be replaced with with a program of wealth activation. I’ll reset your mind to its original perfection so that you walk in the truth, so that you understand the flow of money and how to tap into the current of limitless abundance.
I work with your subconscious mind, which means you’ll achieve effortless results as you are programmed to expect  to receive more money with ease and grace.
You can expect your Breakthrough to Money Flow in our very first session as I eliminate your money blocks.
From there I’ll dissolve any resistance to success and instal the habits of the ultra wealthy… you will sidestep your fears, enthusiastically leap into action and be certain your goals are indeed coming to fruition.
It’s time to dissolve the blocks that are keeping you broke, unhappy and stuck in fear, scarcity and overwhelm.
Book a call to find out if the Money Flow Breakthrough Intensive is right for you. In 8 weeks you’ll break through your money blocks, end self sabotage and tap into joyous money flow!

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Book a call to find out if the  Money Flow Breakthrough Intensive is right for you. In 8 weeks you’ll break through your money blocks, end self sabotage and tap into joyous money flow!

Melanie utilizes RTT - a dynamic modality that combines Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to produce permanent results - fast!



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